Narcos XXX is one of those adult gaming sites that you have probably seen ads for everywhere but never bothered to check out. Let me start the review by saying this. That was a mistake.


Adult gaming is currently one of the hottest up and coming niches within the adult industry and let me tell ya, it’s a damn good niche to be a fan of. Most of us here probably all play video games right? And we all enjoy porn right? Now imagine enjoying both of those things at the same time. Behold, adult gaming.


Narcos XXX is an adult game that takes you on a journey as a drug dealing cartel boss and allows you to choose your starting character as either the infamous cartel legend Pablo Escobar, Valeria, or Pablo’s trusty side kick Horatio.


After you’ve chosen your character you will load into the starting sequence of the game where you can select your various load outs and equipment.


Now right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself that this just sounds like a regular old video game, whats so special about it? WELL, this is not your ordinary first person shooter game. What if I told you that various missions and sequences within the game actually involve your selected character fucking the baddest Latina bitches that Columbia has to offer? What if I told you that there is a mission involving you fucking a sexy undercover DEA agent? What if I told you that the possibilities of fucking and killing in this game were endless?


One minute you could be riding your Ferrari down the streets of Bogota shooting your AK-47 out the window at a few federal agents, then the next you’ll be relaxing in your hot tub back at your mansion with up to 15 naked girls taking turns riding and sucking your characters cock?


It’s possible, and it’s absolutely fun. I’ve spent hours playing this game and I’ve yet to get bored simply because of the massive amount of stuff that there is to do. Despite the pornographic elements to the game, it’s a real game, with a real story line, and real playability. I’m extremely glad this game does not have a play time counter like Steam games do because I reallllly don’t want to know how much time I’ve wasted on this game. But hey, time spent enjoyed is not really time wasted.


Narcos XXX is easily the best online adult game out currently. I’m a huge fan of the graphics, the story line, and the vast open world aspect that the game offers. South America is truly yours to explore, along with its dense jungles filled with cocaine farms to it’s large cities filled with hot young Latina pussy dying to be fucked.


If you love gaming and if you love porn. THIS is the game for you.  

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